Friday, June 7, 2013

In case you didn't already get the video game reference

This was the book's working cover for quite some time. I designed it maybe a month into the project.  Obviously based on the old Nintendo game boxes.

I ended up thinking the idea wasn't creative enough, the connection was cool, but there needed to be more.  I then started wondering if the book could be a game, eventually turning the recommended routes into a checklist required to defeat monsters.*  Later on that summer I shot the photo of Charlie climbing the boulder with the city in the background.**  It was obvious to me that THAT needed to be the cover and I did everything I could in terms of design to emphasize the awesome photo while still keeping some of the early influences.

Go ahead, judge the book by it's cover.

* There's more I wish I could have done in that regard. but time and sanity got in the way.
** hint: it's near the country club boulders and does not have the greatest of landing zones,*** hence I left it out.

*** none.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Books are out now!

You can now get a copy of Super Sand Land at these fine outdoor retailers.

The Basecamp Billings
Steepworld Climbing Gym

Spire Climbing Center
Northern Lights

Solitude Mountaineering

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