Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally a Climbing Guide to Billings Montana

Announcing "SUPER SANDLAND: a climbing guide to Billings Montana"  Due out fall 2012 at local outdoor retailers.

The book will cover roped routes and boulder problems found on the rimrock around Billings.  The guide will include the following areas;

Arvin Boulders
Water Tower Boulders
Country Club Boulders
Zimmerman Park
Phipps Park
Gregory Hills


  1. Any chance of an eBook (iBook or Kindle)?

  2. Great question Dave. I believe that our local outdoor retail stores are an important part of our climbing community. The act of going into a store, talking to people, sharing information, and financially supporting a business that supports our niche activities is important in a small town like Billings. That being said, I do see the benefits of carrying a guide around in your phone and hope to, within the next year, be able to offer an eBook version to those that have purchased a physical copy.